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PWR VOL "Coffee. Black." Package

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The perfect combo for the discerning reader and listener who looks forward to waking up early, leaving absolutely no room for cream, and reading mid-brow literature whilst listening to Sunn amplifiers.


Autonomous facial hair. The grating contradictions of existence. Unwanted brunch invitations. The struggles are plentiful in this philosophical netherworld imagined by Nick Scandy, illustrated by Aaron Zonka, and set to music via mini and the Bear's accompanying score. In PWR VOL, the frenetic rhythms, absurdist delusions, and cacophonous irrealities of modern life all find themselves pumped through full stacks of amplifiers, powerfully blasted at the maximum volume they deserve. 


"Say what you will about genre fiction, but the sassy-post-modern-tour-through-a-fantasy-land-populated-by-history's-greatest-nihilist-and-existentialist-philosophers-and-set-to-an-experimental-punk-rock-musical-score thing hasn't been done quite like this before." - Aaron Eash 

mini and the Bear's accompanying musical score is available at the band's bandcamp page (miniandthebear.bandcamp.com) starting November 7th, 2016, as well as all major streaming services and digital music platforms in December 2016.

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